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DNA Student
Leadership Team

The Bard DNA Student Leadership Team (SLT) serves as the governing body of Bard Diverse Network of Action.


The SLT consists of the following positions: Student Coordinator, Mentorship Program Chairs, Professional Development  Chair, Social Engagement Chair, Community Engagement Chair, and Communications Media Specialist

What is expected of SLT members?

SLT members serve as student leaders and role models to their fellow peers, advocating for the students and communities they serve and dedicating themselves to the work of Bard DNA. Additionally, SLT members should adhere to the

following expectations →

Aneesa Beckford Student Coordinator (1).jpg

Aneesa Beckford '23

Student Coordinator

  • Be in good academic standing

  • Serve as a leader in Bard Diverse Network of Action

  • Commit to serving as a SLT member for the entire academic school year

  • Fulfill the responsibilities of their role as laid out in the SLT position descriptions document

  • Attend all scheduled DNA SLT meetings and trainings, committee meetings, and Bard DNA events

  • Be on time, attentive and engaged in all meetings

  • Respond to Bard DNA-related emails in a timely manner

  • Strive to build strong and positive relationships with Bard DNA members

  • Be proactive in event and program planning

  • Commit to creating an inclusive, welcoming and respectful environment for all Bard DNA members and all members of the BHSECQ community

  • Model positive interactions with faculty, staff, administration and fellow students

Isabella Tejeda Mentorship Program Chair (1).jpg

Isabella Tejeda '23

Mentorship Program Chair

Shyra Rahman Mentorship Program Chair.jpg

Shyra Rahman '23

Mentorship Program Chair

Vicky Cao '23

Community Engagement Chair

Bukunmi Alalade '23

Communications & Media Specialist

Vicky Cao Community Engagement Chair_edited.jpg
Mariem Elmahy Professional Development Chair.JPG

Mariem Elmahy '25

Professional Development Chair

Diamond Uwawuike Social Engagement Chair (1)_edited.png

Diamond Uwawuike '23

Social Engagement Chair

Bukunmi Alalade Communication and Media Specialist (2)_edited.jpg
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