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2022 Summer Team

Each year DNA fellows have the opportunity to engage in leadership roles. These students play an integral part in the DNA summer program. We do our best to create a sense of community, provide a safe space to share ideas, and build lifelong friendships.

Meet the current leadership team for this summer!
Isabella T.jpg

Isabella Tejada

Year 1 | Peer Mentor

"No matter where you have been or what you have done you will always find a place at Bard to call home.  Although it may be a bit difficult for you to get adjusted to Bard's academic and social environment, we hope that during your time with Bard DNA, you can befriend fellow students who make you feel safe and loved. All in all, we hope you have a wonderful four years at Bard. We know you will do great!"

Isioma headshot.jpg

Isioma Okoh

Year 1 | Peer Mentor

"One of the best things about Bard Queens is that you will find your people! It may take some lonely days or feeling out of place at first, but eventually the right people and path will find you and even if it doesn’t seem like that way, you will be okay! (Plus, I’m here for you!)"


Rachel Gomez

Year 1 | Peer Mentor

"For incoming 9th graders, I want you to know how supported and loved you will feel at Bard. Bard has a wonderful sense of belonging, and sure enough, DNA will emphasize that! Being a part of DNA means being supported throughout all your years of high school and you have nothing to worry about! You will always have staff ready to answer questions. You will have students and the staff from summer who are down to always give you advice!  Coming into high school may feel like a stressful and challenging part, but you have us to support you and be with you along the way!"


Mahir Miah

Year 1 | Peer Mentor

"All the time, effort, and energy you have invested, and continue to invest, towards bettering yourself both as a student and as an individual make you stand out from the crowd. Your presence and the inputs you'll bring to this school will be valued and appreciated! Take pride in the fact that you possess exceptional qualities that others can relate to here at Bard." 

Shyra Rahman

Year 1 | Peer Mentor

"The best piece of advice I've ever received was "don't limit yourself, even if you're scared." Everything you wish to do is possible and worth it, and all the last minute decisions and second thoughts in between are normal.  DNA is there every step of the way to support you, answer questions, uplift you, and offer a community where your accomplishments are celebrated and mistakes are understood. You have so much support from all of us, and will do so many great things you may not even think are possible yet. "


Munshi Nadim

Year 1 | Peer Mentor

"Although the transition from middle school to high school appears daunting, it's actually a great opportunity to mature, learn, and understand oneself. As your life's new chapter begins, remember that each challenge you face will help you thrive in the end."

Ethan Hsu

10th grade | Volunteer

"I want to say first and foremost welcome to Bard! I want all the incoming 9th graders reading this to know they are not alone, and they won't walk alone or carry any burden of stress or anything negative alone. I leave you all with words of wisdom: You will get knocked down, you will fall and want to give up, but in my own experience and in my own account, I realized if we fall, which will happen, we won't stay down, we will endure, and we will prevail. And that is something I know you all will do in the next four years. Good luck and welcome to Bard! "

Isabella Juma

9th grade | Volunteer

"As a fellow student of Bard, Bard DNA has helped me understand my workload and my local classmates. So when coming to Bard DNA, you will become more connected with everyone and genuinely get to grow your skills and understandings as a student. "


Hasan Arshad

9th grade | Volunteer

" Success is dependent on motivation. Work to reach your best ability and with the help of our amazing professors, everyone will do great!"

Aqkhira Obi-Windley

9th grade | Media Intern

"BHSEC is hard, I won't lie, but it is the connections you make along the way that make it easier. Bard DNA is a place to make those valuable connections and find the support you need. As long as you try your best, we'll always be proud of you."

Alisa Nudar

9th grade | Volunteer

"Hi! My name is Alisa. I am a huge introvert and very shy, but even with me being shy that didn't stop me from thriving at Bard. If you are scared to put yourself out there, don't worry because one day you will find the confidence within you. You got this!" 

Meet the summer faculty

John Grauwiler.JPG

John Grauwiler

Humanities Faculty

"Dear Bard Summer DNA Scholars, I look forward to meeting you and to our discussions about literature. To that end, I ask that you come ready to believe and to doubt; to struggle and to succeed; to listen; to learn; to take risks; and to enjoy the early days of your High School/Early college career at BHSEC."

Brittany Wanner_edited.jpg

Brittney Wanner

Humanities Faculty

"Hello Bard DNA students! My name is Brittany Wanner and I am a member of the humanities department here at BHSEC Queens. This summer, we will be exploring ideas of race, culture, and systematic oppression in South Africa as well as literary techniques authors use to convey these ideas through reading Trevor Noah's autobiography. We will be reading and writing about these ideas with the intention of preparing for humanities classes in the fall. I am looking forward to learning alongside all of you this summer!"


Marlon Esguerra

Science Faculty

"Hello there, Bard DNA Summer Scholars & Scientists! My name is Marlon Esguerra, and this will be my third year as Science faculty. Citizen Science. Science in context. Antiracist practices at all levels in Science and Science education. Are you ready to begin this work with me? _________ (the answer is YESSS!!!!!! and extra credit if you said it aloud!!!). Let's go!".

Marilyn Montufar_edited_edited.jpg

Marilyn Montúfar

Art Faculty

Bio Photograph: Photo credit by Megan Farmer

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